This angled mirror attaches to your DSLR by the tripod bush

for when your camera is attached to your scope.

Tired of crawling on the ground to check your cameras live preview screen?

Then this is for you!

Supplied with a good size hand wheel knob to attach to your cameras tripod bush.

Cork on the surface that comes into contact with your camera to prevent marking your camera.

The connecting screw passes through a slot that runs side to side so you can get the mirror positioned just right for your camera

On a Canon 450D all the buttons are easily accessible, even the battery compartment so you can change batteries if you need to.

On some cameras like the 40D where there are buttons along the bottom of the LCD screen these will be a little hard to get to but all you need to do is slacken the attaching screw.

So far this is designed to fit Canon DSLRs with live preview, other models will be coming shortly.

The mirror part is first surface mirror, I did experiment with ordinary mirror at first

but this caused internal reflections and ghosting of stars on the dark background.

With first surface mirror this doesn't happen.

Here are some photos of my camera, a Canon 450D.